Learn to Kitesurf  Port Douglas

Get ready for the ultimate kite surfing course, Learn to Kitesurf,  Port Douglas. You will gain all the skills and knowledge to get you up on the kiteboard quickly and safely in no time.

Our experienced team will teach you everything. From rigging up to kite control and dragging, before getting up on the board to ride short distances along Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.

The itinerary below is a rough guide. Our instructors will always be assessing your skills and progress.

They will make sure you have mastered each skill, before moving you onto the next one. Our ultimate goal is to get you riding 50 metres upwind and downwind.

After each lesson, you can use all the equipment for free to practice.

After you Learn to Kitesurf in Port Douglas, you will still have lots to learn. However, you will be ready to handle most beginner situations.

Be prepared to head out on your own and practice at your own pace.


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