Cape Tribulation Reef Tour Tours

Morning Tour

Wake up with two morning snorkels and raft back to the beach before lunch!


Afternoon Tour

Take off after lunch for two afternoon reef snorkels, arriving back before sunset.


Cape Tribulation Reef Tour

Cape Tribulation Reef Tour will be the highlight of your visit to the top end!

Go on an exhilarating, morning or afternoon ride from Cape Tribulation Beach with two snorkel spots on the Great Barrier Reef. Glide across the top of the water spotting tropical islands on the horizon and turtles in the wild.

Jump in, for your chance to get a photo with one of the turtles! See corals, clams, anemone fish and eagle rays up close.

Opt for the morning departure and be back before lunchtime. Or, if you’re not an early bird, you can wake up in the rainforest, go exploring after breakfast and still have time for an afternoon of rafting adventures.

Advanced Eco Tourism Certified

Ocean Safari has the best snorkelling guides in Cape Tribulation. Take a half-day Cape Tribulation Reef tour to discover the Great Barrier Reef and marine life that lies just off the coast from the abundant Daintree Rainforest.

Ocean Safari is Citizens of the Reef, Advanced Eco Tourism Certified and have been winning major awards at the Queensland Tourism Awards for the last five years.

Stay nearby at the Cape Trib Beach House, click here to book!

For more Ocean Rafting, visit the Whitsundays!

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