Coral Sea Fishing Adventure

Would you like a day fishing out on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef?  Then join this Coral Sea Fishing tour onboard the MV Norseman.  This tour departs daily and allows you to try your hand at landing some of the best fighting and eating fish the Coral Sea has to offer.

We target table fish on this day tour and use either hand lines or rods with overhead Penn reels and float lines whenever possible.  Of course, we will encounter such species as Large Mouth Nannygai and Coral Trout throughout the day.  Sometimes though, all the excitement and activity in the water brings along other fish such as Giant Trevally, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel.

Don’ discount the use of hand lines.   Using a hand line allows you to have better reaction time and hook that catch before taking your line into the coral!  Professional Live Trout fishers use hand lines to catch Coral Trout.

You will have about 4.5 hours of fishing time on this full-day tour.  You get to keep your catch, and it will be gutted and bagged, ready for you to take home.  A couple of restaurants in Port Douglas will cook your fish for you for a nominal fee – we can let you know who they are.  Any fish caught on the shared rod are shared with all guests.  

Of course, if ‘no take’ species such as Barramundi Cod, Maori Wrasse or Chinaman Fish are caught, these will be thrown back.  We also always adhere to bag limits and size restrictions.

Want more, or want to avoid the crowds?

Well, why not arrange a private charter and tailor-make a day to suit your needs.  You’ll never get bored with trolling, jig, popper, bottom and live bait fishing all on offer, or why not cool your heels at one of the many pristine reefs.  Just ask our friendly team, and we can help you.

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