Discovering History and Scenic Views on the Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail

Experience the rich history and breathtaking views of Port Douglas by visiting Flagstaff Hill. Discover the iconic lighthouse, stunning panoramas, and fascinating cultural exhibits.

Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail

Introduction to the Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail

The Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Coral Sea, the Low Isles, Snapper Island, and the Daintree Rainforest.

Spanning a distance of 1.5 kilometres, this trail connects Four Mile Beach and Rex Smeal Park in Port Douglas.

For an exceptional photo opportunity, the Flagstaff Hill Lookout is unparalleled. At the pinnacle of Island Point Road, reaching the lookout is an easy stroll, bike ride, or even a short drive.

Once you reach the Flagstaff Hill Lookout, you will be greeted by sweeping and majestic views. Take a leisurely walk along the Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail towards Four Mile Beach. You can stroll along the plank or viewing platform and admire the breathtaking 180-degree views there. Feast your eyes on the beauty of the Coral Sea, Low Isles, and Snapper Island in the north. Don’t forget to explore the hidden Low Isles Lighthouse viewing platform, tucked away at the intersection of Wharf and Island Point Roads.

Perched atop a hill overlooking the Coral Sea, Flagstaff Hill in Port Douglas is a must-visit attraction.  The hill is home to a historic lighthouse and scenic walking trails.

Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail Location

Flagstaff Hill towers over the Port Douglas township, proudly at the northern end of Macrossan Street.

Its elevated position provides stunning coastline vistas, making it an ideal spot to soak in the region’s natural beauty.

Scenic Lookout:

As you climb the hill, you’ll encounter breathtaking views of the azure waters of the Coral Sea, the sandy shores of Four Mile Beach, and the lush greenery of the surrounding hills covered in rainforest.

The primary attraction of Flagstaff Hill is its breathtaking scenic lookout.

Sunset Spot:

Flagstaff Hill is especially popular as a sunset viewing location. Witness the sky ablaze with vibrant hues as the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden glow across the ocean and the town below. It’s ideal for capturing stunning photographs or enjoying a romantic and memorable moment.

Anzac War Memorial:

At the top of Flagstaff Hill, you’ll find the Anzac War Memorial, dedicated to the soldiers who served in World War I. The memorial commemorates their bravery and sacrifice and provides a place for reflection and remembrance.

Walking Trail:

Flagstaff Hill is accessible via a gentle walking trail that winds up the hill. The pathway is surrounded by lush vegetation and offers glimpses of local flora and fauna. It’s a pleasant and relatively easy walk that rewards visitors with spectacular views awaiting them at the top.

Trail Information PRIMARY PATH – Class 1 Section – Suitable for Children and the Disabled (with Assistance)

This trail segment spans 71 meters and is easily navigable without prior walking experience. The path remains flat and even throughout, devoid of stairs or excessively steep portions. It accommodates individuals using wheelchairs (with assistance) and those pushing children’s strollers.

PRIMARY PATH – Class 3 Section – Recommended for Individuals with Moderate Walking Experience

This portion of the trail extends approximately 1 kilometer and accommodates various age groups and fitness levels, although we recommend having some walking experience. The tracks are well-defined and marked, but you may encounter occasional short, steep inclines, steps, and uneven terrain.

LOOKOUT LINK – Class 3 Section – Recommended for Individuals with Moderate Walking Experience

Covering a distance of around 175 metres, this section suits most age groups and fitness levels, but some walking experience is recommended. The tracks are properly constructed and marked but expect intermittent short, steep inclines, steps, and uneven ground.

Nearby Amenities:

Flagstaff Hill is conveniently located close to the heart of Port Douglas. After enjoying the views, you can easily explore the town’s shops, cafes, restaurants, and other attractions. It’s also just a short distance from the picturesque Four Mile Beach, where you can relax on the sandy shores or take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters.



Q: Is the climb to the top of the lighthouse difficult?

A: The climb to the top of the lighthouse involves climbing a narrow spiral staircase, so it may not be suitable for those with mobility issues. However, the view s from the top are truly spectacular, so it’s worth considering the climb if you’re able.

Q: How long does it take to complete the walking trails at Flagstaff Hill?

A: The length and difficulty of the trails vary, but most can be completed in one to two hours. The Four Mile Beach track is the shortest and easiest trail, while the Flagstaff Hill trail is longer and more challenging.

Q: Can I take my dog on the walking trails at Flagstaff Hill?

A: Dogs are not allowed on the walking trails at Flagstaff Hill, but there are several dog-friendly parks and beaches in the Port Douglas area.

Flagstaff Hill provides a captivating vantage point to appreciate the natural beauty of Port Douglas. Whether you visit to witness a stunning sunset, pay tribute to the fallen at the war memorial, or take in the panoramic views, this iconic landmark offers a memorable experience showcasing this tropical paradise’s charm and allure.

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