Port Douglas Snorkeling choice of Island and Outer Great Barrier Reef

Port Douglas Snorkeling tours are a must for everyone visiting Tropical North Queensland.

Depart daily from the Port Douglas Marina.  There are attractive options to Low Isles and the Outer Barrier Reef.

This region offers fantastic snorkelling, and we are yet to meet anyone who wasn’t captivated by the spectacular marine life on the GBR.

Check the weather to see what day is best.

Low Isles

Low Isles

Just 15 kilometres from the Queensland coastal town of Port Douglas is Low Isles.   This picture-perfect island is two small coral cays surrounded by 55 acres of fringing reef.

Guests can choose from half-day and full-day tours.   Perfect for families and as a relaxing getaway.

Outer Barrier Reefs

The outer barrier reef sites from Port Douglas are spectacular.   All Great Barrier Reef tours offer snorkelling included in the price.

Australia’s premier reef tour company, Quicksilver, has the outer barrier reef covered.   We start with their spacious reef platform perfect for families, swimmers and non-swimmers.  There are also two smaller boats for people who want a more personalised experience with Silversonic and Poseidon.

The Outer Barrier Reef is approximately 90 kilometres from the coast of Port Douglas.   The fast catamarans will get you there in around 90 minutes.

Marine Biologist Snorkelling tours

Several of the Great Barrier Reef tour operators operate informative Marine Biologist presentations.   In these presentations, you will learn all kinds of interesting facts about the reef and what all of us can do to protect the GBR.

There are also options for a guided snorkelling tour with the marine biologist, pointing out fascinating marine life loads.  These tours cost a little bit extra and are well worth the cost.


Frequently asked questions

A. Can you snorkel in Port Douglas?

Q. the Great Barrier Reef is off the coast, and you are best to head there to snorkel.

A. Can I snorkel in Port Douglas without a tour?

Q. The outer barrier reef provides the best snorkelling at its 90 kilometres offshore, so really, you are best to choose one of the fantastic tours on offer.

A. How much does it cost to go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas?

Q. Prices start at $200