Daintree Rainforest Animals fun for the whole family

Daintree Rainforest Animals tour and Cape Tribulation tour to see wild animals.

This tour takes you to the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest tropical rainforest in the World.

Starting with bus pick-ups from Port Douglas accommodation.

The first stop is the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat.  Here you can see a fantastic selection of North Queensland animals, including the Lumhotlz’s Tree Kangaroo.

Once we cross the Daintree River ferryDaintree River ferry, this tour takes you through this World Heritage Area in small, personalised groups.

Hop aboard the Daintree River cruiseDaintree River cruise to sport crocodiles, lizards and birds.     The Alexandra Lookout’sAlexandra Lookout’s next stop, with fantastic views over the Daintree River system.

Then enjoy guided walks and guaranteed spotting of Daintree Rainforest animals.

Boyd's Forest dragon

Keep an eye out for Boyd’s Forest dragon.

Discover the Oldest Living Rainforest in the World.

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